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2. They protected the two sofa ___s with towels.
7. He cleaned the apartment and then went outside to run some ___s.
8. Had he worked for his ___ for a long time?
11. The sofa was big enough to seat two ___.
14. He thought it was ___ that they sat on the chairs instead of the sofa.
15. They had invited his boss and his wife to ___ at their apartment.
16. The ___ had two soft cushions and was big enough for two people.
17. He told them to have a ___ on the sofa.
18. He said he would be ___ back and then went into the kitchen.
19. They were sitting at the ___ table instead of on the sofa.
20. They ___d his boss and his wife to dinner at their home.


1. Was the sofa in the ___ room?
3. Both of them were ___ all day cooking, cleaning, and running errands.
4. The sofa looked ___ even though it was a few years old.
5. The towels ___ed the cushions from wear and tear.
6. He had forgotten to remove the ___s that protected the cushions.
9. The soft cushions helped make the sofa very ___ to sit on.
10. They usually removed the towels from the sofa when ___s came to visit.
12. It was Mrs. Wilson's job to ___ dinner for the four of them.
13. Mrs. Wilson spend the day in the kitchen preparing dinner.
14. Did they ___ the towels on top of the cushions to protect them?