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3. It was called an oil "___," but it wasn't like ___ing a cup of coffee.
5. Were Florida residents worried about their sandy white ___?
6. The Gulf of Mexico is near the Atlantic ___.
7. Did the drilling platform ___ beneath the ocean surface?
10. The drilling platform was floating in the ___ of Mexico.
11. Thousands of ___s of oil were pouring into the gulf every day.
14. ___s of gallons of oil had already poured into the gulf.
15. The oil company ___ed golf balls and mud into the broken pipe.
16. Oil was floating on the ___ of the ocean and beneath it.
17. An explosion set the platform on fire, and then it ___ed down.
19. The oil traveled from the ocean floor to the platform through a long metal ___.
20. The ___s of four states were very unhappy about the oil spill.


1. The oil company tried to stop the ___ of oil with golf balls and mud.
2. Oil was flowing into the ___es between the gulf and the land.
4. The drilling platform sank after the explosion and the fire.
5. Did the platform sink ___ the ocean surface?
8. Oil companies use ___ing platforms to ___ for oil all over the world.
9. The oil spill was an ___al disaster because it was destroying birds and beaches.
12. It was an ___ disaster because of all the money that fishermen were losing.
13. Was the oil spill an environmental and economic ___?
18. Did they try to stop the flow of oil by pouring ___ into the broken pipe?