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1. Is it a ___ or a helicopter? It flies like a ___, but it lands like a helicopter.
5. The Osprey is a ___ plane. U.S. Navy pilots fly it.
6. Everyone wanted to see the Osprey up ___ and touch it.
9. The huge ___s spin quickly to move the plane forward or up and down.
11. Dogs started running around and ___ing loudly.
12. The plane landed in a big park in the middle of the ___.
14. The plane ___ed slowly to the ground.
15. As the plane got closer to the ___s, the tree branches started to bend.
18. A ___ takes off and lands straight up and down.
19. ___ from all the ___ cans was flying all around in the wind.


1. It was a big grassy ___ with lots of trees in the middle of the city.
2. Everyone was ___ because they wanted to see the plane up close.
3. The propellers created a lot of ___. The ___ blew the trash cans over.
4. Tree branches fell out of the treetops and ___ed to the ground.
5. ___ Day is an annual U.S. holiday. It is in memory of those who died in wars.
7. A ___ grows out of the trunk of a tree. A leaf grows out of the ___ of a tree.
8. Was the trash ___ all around because of the strong wind?
10. It was so windy! It was like a tornado or a ___.
13. The Osprey is a plane, but it lands and ___ off like a helicopter.
16. The wind blew trash cans over; they started to ___ around all over the park.
17. The ___ landed the plane on the ground. Then he got out of the plane.