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3. It was a ___ ground out; there was nothing unusual about it.
6. The umpire made a bad ___; he ___ed the runner safe, but the runner was out.
7. Baseball games usually have three ___s to referee the game.
9. A perfect game in ___ is when no batter gets to first base.
10. The TV ___ showed that the umpire had made a bad call.
11. Does a perfect game in baseball occur about once ___ five years?
13. The baseball ___s sitting in the stadium knew that it was a bad call.
14. The baseball ___ was full of fans who couldn't believe the bad call.
15. It wasn't a fly ball; it was a ___ ball.
16. Perfect games in baseball are a rare ___rence. They ___ rarely.
18. The ___ hit a grounder to the first baseman.


1. About ___ every five years, someone pitches a perfect game.
2. Instead of one perfect game in five years, there were two perfect games in May ___!
4. Umpires ___ make the right call, but occasionally they make a bad call.
5. A perfect game was ruined by an ___ umpire who made a bad call.
8. The umpire called the batter ___, but he should have called him out.
9. Did the umpire ___ it? Did he know that he blew it?
12. The batter tried to hit the ball thrown by the ___.
13. Did the umpire call the batter safe at ___ base?
14. "I blew the call," said the umpire ___ly.
17. The umpire was sad because he had made a ___ call at first base.