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1. Did the boss tell the workers to stop ___ing about the broken-down elevators?
4. Was their new office on the third floor of an old ___ or a new ___?
5. The ___ told his workers to be glad they didn't have to walk up five floors.
8. Both of the tiny ___s in the building broke down. They didn't go up or down.
10. A ___ is a movable wall that separates workers from one another and gives them privacy.
11. Both of the elevators were ___; they weren't big enough for four persons.
12. The coatroom was a tiny ___; it wasn't a big walk-in ___.
14. The closest ___ route was two blocks away. Workers had to walk two blocks to the ___ stop.
15. ___ of the tiny elevators broke down on Friday--not one of them, but ___ of them.
17. All the desks and chairs were ___med together. There was no space between them.
18. A. Were shops and restaurants ___s away from the new office? B. Yes, and a city ___ is a long walk.
19. Why are we moving into a new office? Our ___ office is very nice.
20. A nice ___ is quiet, clean, and safe. It's near shopping and transportation. People prefer to live in nice ___s.


2. There is no ___ in this office. Everyone can see and hear everyone else. Everything is public.
3. The ___ is so small that many workers have to hang their coats on the backs of their chairs.
6. They had to walk up the ___ because the elevators broke down.
7. Their new office was up on the third ___. There were 10 ___s in the building.
9. Their new ___ had no partitions. Their old ___ had many partitions. They had privacy in their old ___. They had no privacy in their new ___.
10. Did they move from a rich neighborhood to a ___ one?
13. Workers had to walk four blocks to catch the ___ in the subway station.
14. Both tiny elevators ___ down, and everyone had to use the stairs.
16. The desks and chairs were jammed together. The back of one chair almost ___ed the back of another chair.