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1. Was he a little heavy, or was he very over____?
4. How often do you order a large cheese and pepperoni ___ from ___ Hut?
8. He was in the middle of the floor with everyone ___.
9. "I'll ___ new workers at cheaper salaries," the boss said.
10. People used the ___ to quickly cook their pizzas and heat their coffee.
11. The ___ system in the office did not remove the smell of perfume.
13. Lisa quit because she couldn't ___ the strong smell of perfume in the office.
16. He was sitting in the ___ of the office with his coworkers. He didn't have a private office.
19. Some women wear too much ___. When they get on an elevator, other people want to get off the elevator.
20. Is the minimum ___ in the U.S. $7.25 an hour?
21. Women wear perfume; men wear ___.


2. ___s and hot dogs are popular American fast foods.
3. A ___ is someone who doesn't eat meat.
5. The manager was sick, so the ___ manager ran the office yesterday.
6. He had had a private office ___ly. Now he was sitting with the others.
7. No one said anything good about the new office; everyone ___ed about it.
12. A few workers ___ working for the company because they hated the new office.
14. If you have an ___, you might sneeze a lot. Your eyes and nose might run a lot.
15. He used to have his own ___ office. Now sits with the other workers. He has no privacy.
17. She had allergies. She couldn't handle the ___ of perfume.
18. The ___ didn't care about his workers. "I can always hire new workers," he said.