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1. He made a ___ion to management; he ___ed installing a window in the lobby door.
2. He used his computer to send an ___ to the manager.
6. Did he suggest that they ___ a window in the lobby door?
10. ___ who are in a hurry push hard on the door.
11. Was the door a ___ hazard because it could hurt people?
12. She told him that he had forgotten to say ___ you.
14. People will sue if they are hurt. They will find a lawyer to file a ___.
15. Some lawsuits are ___d out of court before there is a trial.
17. He ___ed why he was supposed to say thank you. He couldn't think of a good reason.
18. He wanted them to install a ___ in the door so people could see through the ___.


1. He didn't laugh, but he did ___ when he heard the joke.
3. Did he send an email to the apartment building ___?
4. He suggested that installing a window would help ___ accidents and injuries.
5. Many large apartment buildings in NYC have a ___ on the ground floor. The ___ includes a mailroom and a security desk.
7. If you're ___ that you received something, you should say thank you.
8. The manager was proud of his ___ service--it took less than a day.
9. People buy products or ___s. A product is a window; a ___ is window installation.
13. The door was a safety ___ because people could not see who was on the other side of the door.
15. A lawsuit happens when one person ___s another person in court.
16. It wasn't his ___ to fix problems in the building; it was management's ___.