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6. Did she want her son to get a good ___ at a good school in the U.S.?
8. Did she ___ tutors to teach him English and other subjects?
9. There are more ___ colleges in the U.S. than there are 4-year colleges.
13. After they ___ from junior college, many students transfer to a university.
15. The phone rang. She answered it. It was a long-distance ___ call from her son.
16. He had to learn how to speak ___ well in order to graduate.
18. Her son was accepted to the ___ of Southern California in Los Angeles.
19. About 25,000 students attend Pasadena City ___. It's the only junior ___ in the city.
20. Students with bad English scores usually have to take ___ English courses.


1. How many students attend junior college after they graduate from ___ school?
2. She didn't want her son to go to high school in her ___ country. She wanted him to go to high school in the U.S.
3. He applied to ___ to USC from his junior college, and USC accepted his application.
4. Not many people in her ___ country spoke English well.
5. She was so ___ of her son! He had graduated from junior college and been accepted to USC!
7. She owned a couple of ___es in her home country. She had 50 employees.
10. He had to take remedial English courses in order to ___ his English.
11. Her friends thought she was ___ to leave her home country. Was she losing her mind?
12. All of her work and sacrifice was ___ it--her son had graduated from junior college.
13. The tutors helped him improve his ___s in school. Instead of D's and C's, he started getting B's and A's.
14. She spoke no English, but her son spoke a ___ English.
17. Did the phone ___? Was it her son? Did he get accepted to USC?