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2. He's a ___ leader; there are 8 office workers on his ___.
5. He ___ed his eyes because he didn't care what she was saying.
7. Was she over___ as a young child, or did she put on weight as a teenager?
10. Everyone on the team liked their new team ___. They were happy to follow him.
11. She asked her ___ if she could switch to a different team and a different team leader.
14. She ___d her team leader; he was mean and rude to her. He treated her like dirt.
17. Did he pretend that he didn't ___ what she was saying?
20. She asked him ___ after ___, but he didn't answer any of her ___s.
21. He ___ed that he didn't understand what she was saying. (But he really did understand her.)


1. He told her to ask him again ___, and then he would answer her question.
3. Did she ask her boss if she could ___ teams? She wanted to work on a different team.
4. Her team leader told her to look in the ___, but there was no office ___. It didn't exist.
6. He frequently ___ed his help to the young, pretty worker.
8. She asked him a question, but he didn't look up. He kept reading his newspaper. He ___d her completely.
9. He ___ly answered all the questions from the young, pretty worker. He had plenty of time for her.
12. He ___ed in her face when she asked him a question. He didn't bother to cover his mouth.
13. Did he say that he was too ___ to answer her question? Did he tell her to ask him later?
15. She wasn't pretty. She was ___-looking. "___ Jane" is a term for an average-looking woman.
16. ___ she asked him a question, he ignored her.
18. Don't ask me; ask someone ___. Ask anyone ____, just don't bother me.
19. The pretty woman didn't know how to turn on the computer that sat on her ___. Her team leader walked over to help her.