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2. Did he dislike spending ___?
5. The wedding was set for ___ June, not late in the month.
6. If he received an invitation, he would have to ___ yes or no.
8. He didn't like to go on long rides; a ___ ride was okay, though.
10. Hurrican Katrina and his marriage were similar--they were both terrible ___s.
11. What a relief, he thought. He felt ___d that he didn't get an invitation.
14. He ___ knew his second cousin, but he knew his second cousin's mother quite well.
16. People usually know their first ___s better than their second ___s.
18. He felt that buying a gift for someone he hardly knew was like throwing money out the ___.
19. Other people's weddings ___ed him of his own wedding.
20. Did he receive an ___ to the wedding?


1. He knew his first cousin very well, but he hardly knew his ___ cousin.
2. Was his second cousin getting ___ to his fiancee in early June?
3. More than 100 people were invited to the June ___ for the bride and groom.
4. Did he feel hurt and ___ed because he didn't receive an invitation?
7. Some ___ might be upset if he didn't attend the wedding.
9. He ___ spoke to his second cousin, but he frequently spoke to his first cousin.
12. He and his second cousin rarely spoke to ___ other.
13. He disliked traveling if it ___d more than a short ride.
15. He didn't mind taking a short ___ on a bus or in a car, but he hated long ___s.
17. He wondered what kind of ___ he should buy for the bride and groom. Maybe he should just send them cash.