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1. He had ___ed the airline; he was proud of himself for being so clever.
3. A round-trip ticket is ___er than a one-way ticket. It should be more expensive, not less expensive.
6. He was ___ of himself because he had outsmarted the airline.
7. He ___d the round-trip ticket to his credit card.
9. He bought a round-___ ticket from Boston to Miami.
11. Did he ___ for the trip with his credit card or with cash?
12. He used his VISA ___ card.
14. He didn't want to use his debit ___, so he used his credit ___.
16. Several different ___s fly into and out of the same city.
19. ___, Massachusetts is a famous city in American history.
20. ___ is a very popular beach resort city in Florida.
21. He had a round-trip ticket, but he went only one way. He didn't ___ to the city he flew out of.


2. You can't get on an airplane without a one-way or round-trip ___.
4. A ___-trip ticket allows you to return to the city you started from.
5. If the airline sues you, you might have to hire a ___ to help you.
8. He was proud of ___ for outsmarting the airline.
10. The ___ of a round-trip ticket was cheaper than the ___ of a one-way ticket.
13. His best ___ said that the airline would charge his credit card.
15. He ___ed in his destination city instead of returning to the city he flew from.
17. Some lawyers charge more than $400 an ___.
18. Did he decide to ___ a lawyer to help defend him in court?