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2. "Double your money back" means you get ___ back what you paid.
5. "Shrek" is a popular ___. First, there were Shrek and Shrek 2. Now Shrek 3 is showing in ___ theaters everywhere.
6. McBurgers is recalling ___s of glasses--not billions, but ___s.
7. McBurgers is ___ing a "Double Your Money Back" program. It's an ___ most people can't refuse.
10. The 12 million glasses have pictures of the main ___s in the movie.
13. It's offering to ___ the price that customers paid originally for each returned glass.
14. Customers will ___ twice what they paid for each glass.
16. It's a "Double Your Money Back" ___ to recover all the unsafe glasses.
18. Do the pictures on the glasses ___ a dangerous chemical?
20. It might take a while, but ___ only a few glasses will be unreturned.
21. The chemical in the pictures can make some people ___ enough to see a doctor.


1. Do the glasses ___ a new Shrek movie? Are they a promotion for the movie?
3. What kind of dangerous ___ is in the pictures on the glasses?
4. Some ___ might get sick from the chemical in the pictures.
8. Many customers are already returning their glasses, but she is going to wail until the ___ is almost over.
9. To ___ sure that customers return the recalled glasses, McBurgers is offering twice the price that they originally paid.
11. Millions of McBurger ___s bought the glasses. McBurger is offering each ___ twice the price paid for each glass.
12. She would ___ 100 times the price she had paid. If they didn't meet her ___, she would call the TV news.
15. By waiting until the recall is almost over, her five glasses will be worth more. They will have more ___.
17. The ___es promote the movie, and they are pretty to look at and to drink out of.
19. The ___ Shrek movie is called "Shrek 3." The older movies were "Shrek" and "Shrek 2."