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2. His friend called the ___ to report that he was missing.
4. His car had flown feet off the road and landed deep in the ___.
6. Was he having a good time at his friend's birthday ___?
7. The police were able to triangulate his ___ from his cell phone's signal.
8. He drank water from a ___ that he had crawled to.
11. His ___ phone gave the police a signal until the battery died.
12. His car flew 400 feet through the air before it ___ed deep in the woods below.
13. The police ___ed for four days before they found him.
15. He was having a ___ time at his friend's party.
16. Did the deep woods ___ the car from view? Was it hidden?
17. Did his cell phone give the police a signal until the ___ died?
18. Did his best ___ tell him that he shouldn't drive that night?


1. He ___ into his car and drove away.
3. He knew the highway well, but he went around a ___ too fast.
5. Did his cell phone give the police a ___ to help triangulate his position?
7. Were both of his legs ___d from the accident? Could he move them?
9. The police were able to ___ his position and find him.
10. He had a few minor injuries and one ___ injury--he was paralyzed.
11. He couldn't walk, but he was able to ___ to a nearby stream.
13. A. How did he ___? B. He ___d for four days by eating plants and drinking water from a nearby stream.
14. He knew the ___ well, but he went too fast around a curve.