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1. Is it easy for some guys to ___ up girls?
3. The two guys were ___ing, as usual, about girls.
5. Girls just want to have ___, goes the song.
6. Was their friend right about girls, or was he ___?
9. Girls want a guy who drives a nice ___.
10. Whatever you do, always try to do your ___. Don't ever do anything less than your ___.
11. Do nice guys sit around and ___ for a girl to ask them out?
12. If a ___ wants to pick up a girl, he must be confident and show confidence.
13. The two guys were talking about how ___ it is to pick up girls. How could they make it easier?
15. Their friend walked up and ___ed their conversation.
16. Girls want a guy with confidence, ___, and a nice car. And he better spend his ___ on the girl.
18. A guy with ___ doesn't worry about picking up a girl--it's as simple as saying hello. His confidence shows.


2. What do you say after you say hello? Guys better be able to have a good ___--they must be good talkers.
4. Were they talking ___ how hard it is to pick up girls?
7. ___s just want to have fun. And they want to date guys who are funny and confident.
8. The two guys were ___d--they didn't know what girls want.
10. Their friend said that ___ Gus and Bob were no fun. Each of them was boring.
14. Nice guys can wait and ___. But, they can also pray--maybe God will send them a girl!
17. It's ___ to be a ___ guy, but some girls think ___ guys are too boring.