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1. Stores that sell cigarettes must ___ big anti-smoking ads. These ads must be on ___ in the stores.
5. Can you buy cigarettes in any ___, or do only certain ___s sell cigarettes?
7. Store owners complain that the anti-smoking ___s violate their free speech.
8. Store owners are going to sue because the ads ___ the owners' right of free speech.
10. Do smokers ___ about their health? Do they ___ about the health of their loved ones? Do they ___ about anything besides cigarettes?
11. Store owners say the anti-smoking ads ___ their business; sales go down, not up.
14. Does the First Amendment give Americans the right of free ___? Can they say anything they want?
16. Smokers don't care about their ___; that's why many of them become un___y.
17. The ___ of the city is a health nut, and he wants everyone in his city to be healthy.
19. ___s are bad for you. If you smoke, quit. If you don't smoke, don't start.
20. A. Is there a ___ in America who doesn't know that cigarettes are bad for you? B. No, all the people know this.


1. Did you know that cigarette smoking causes tooth ___? Your teeth will rot.
2. Do the store owners want to ___ the city? Will there be a trial in court?
3. The mayor says that stores selling cigarettes must display ___-smoking ads.
4. Smoking can cause lung cancer and ___ decay.
6. One store ___ said that the anti-smoking ads didn't bother him because his customers don't look at those ads.
9. City ___s said that consumers must know the facts about smoking.
10. Most ___s are smart enough to know that smoking is unhealthful.
12. The store owners are ___ because the ads violate their free speech and hurt sales.
13. Did one store owner say that the ads didn't ___ him? They didn't upset him at all.
15. ___ is bad for smokers; anti-___ ads try to help smokers quit ___.
18. The right of ___ speech is part of the First Amendment. It is a very important ___dom.