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2. He cut the apple in two. He gave ___ to his twin brother, and he ate the other ___.
3. You should ___ everything down the middle; each of you should take half.
5. Did their ___ die without a will? Had their dad also died without a will?
6. Can you ___ how many people were shot in Britain last year?
8. She had no will. How should they divide up her ___ (her belongings)?
9. Did the brothers ___ about how to divide up their mom's estate? Did they have many arguments?
10. The ___ lawyer represented the whole ___--the twin sons and their mom.
11. Because their mom had no ___, the family lawyer said the twins should split her estate equally.
16. With his gun, he killed 12 people and ___ed 12 others. The 12 others survived.
18. Using his gun, he ___ his brother and the family lawyer in the face.
19. Split everything right down the ___--you get half, and your brother gets half.
20. Even though they were ___s, he was born a minute before his ___ brother was born.


1. Did he want 60 percent of the estate because he was 60 seconds (one ___) older than his brother?
2. After he killed the others, he shot ___ in the face.
4. He aimed the gun not at the side of his head but at his ___.
7. Do Swedish people live in Sweden? Do ___ people live in Britain?
12. Why didn't the family ___ make sure that Mom had a will? Wasn't that his job?
13. He drove around the ___side shooting people. He didn't drive into the city.
14. The family lawyer and his brother laughed. He shot ___ of them.
15. Was he a minute older than his twin ___?
17. Did he ___ 12 people and wound 12 others with his gun?
18. The policeman guessed that the man had just ___ped. He had just gone crazy.