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1. Did they steal ___s from the museum worth millions of dollars?
6. The five paintings they stole were worth $200 ___--a lot of money!
8. The security ___ was asleep during the museum robbery.
11. ___ of the alarm was broken. They were waiting for the replacement ___.
12. They were going to ___ one part of the alarm. They had ordered the ___ment part.
13. There were no steel ___s across the broken window.
15. They left the museum ___ an hour after they broke into it.
17. The security guard was ___d from his job because he was sleeping.
18. ___ bars prevent thieves from entering a museum through a window.
19. There were many paintings and other works of art inside the famous ___.
20. They used a ___ to cut the paintings out of the frames.
21. The ___ guard was sound asleep. He didn't hear or see the thieves.


2. The ___ alarm was broken. A part was missing.
3. Did one ___ steal the paintings, or were there two thieves?
4. The thieves entered through a broken ___; there were no bars over the window.
5. The thieves were ___ that the security guard was asleep. It was their ___ night.
7. They used a ___ to climb up to the window.
9. The police are studying the videotape from the security ___.
10. A museum ___man said the window didn't need bars because it was on a busy street.
13. Did they ___ into a famous museum by ___ing a window?
14. The security guard was sound asleep during the ___ in the museum.
16. Did they use a knife to cut the pictures out of the ___s?
17. They used their ___light to see where they were going in the dark.