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1. The ___ at the grocery store put the groceries into the bags.
3. Did the checker put the heavy groceries into ___ plastic bags or single plastic bags?
6. He walked for awhile on the ___. Cars were driving by on the street.
9. He bought a ___ wooden stick, one that would carry heavy groceries without breaking.
11. He put the sturdy wooden stick through the ___s of the plastic bags.
12. A. Where's Bob? B. He went to the grocery store, but he'll be back a little ___. A. I hope sooner than ___. I don't have much time.
13. Did he rest the sturdy stick on his shoulders and on the back of his ___?
14. He usually bought all of his ___ at the grocery store.
16. His ___ didn't work. He needed to invent a better ___. What would Thomas Edison do?
17. Did he ___ the stick through the handles of the plastic bags?
18. He rested the stick on his ___s. By the time he got home, his ___s, neck, and back were aching.


1. He lifted the stick from the sidewalk to his waist to his ___. Then he lifted the stick to his shoulders.
2. Most people feel more ___ sitting on a sofa than on a wooden bench.
4. Did he ___ the stick, with the bags on it, from the sidewalk up to his chest?
5. He slid the stick through the handles of the four ___ grocery bags.
7. He bought a sturdy ___ stick at the hardware store. It wasn't a plastic or metal stick--it was made of oak.
8. Did his shoulders, back, and neck ___ from carrying the bags? Were his shoulders, back, and neck sore?
10. He ___ed as he picked up the heavy stick, but no one heard him ___.
14. At first, he thought he was a ___ because of his invention. Then he realized he wasn't so smart. He was no Einstein.
15. Did he buy a sturdy wooden ___ at a hardware store? Would he use the ___ to carry the grocery bags?