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1. He hovered the ___ over the blue link to another website.
4. His email name was ___ Guy, but he wanted a ___er name. So, he changed his name to ___ Dude. He kept his ___ at all times.
5. Because he wanted more choices, he clicked on ___s.
7. Cool Guy wasn't cool enough. He wanted ___ cooler. Almost anything would be cooler.
8. Social ___ on the Internet are sites like Facebook.
10. ___ who has a new email name?
12. Using his mouse, he left-___ed on Social Features. Then he right-___ed on Options.
13. Does a cool ___ go to a ___ ranch?
17. Left-click on a ___, and you will go to a new website. Internet ___s are usually blue with a blue underline.
18. Many people use ___! for their free email account and as a search engine. ___! was very popular before Google appeared.
19. He thought his new name--Cool Dude--was the coolest name of ___.
20. His friends would be ___ because he had the coolest name of all. They would want to have his name.


2. He liked his email name, but he ___ he should have one that was even cooler. Did he think that Cool Dude was cooler?
3. Did he ___ his pointer over the link to see if the link turned blue?
6. He clicked on Save ___s after he ___d his email name to Cool Dude.
7. A ___ is an icon that takes you to a particular file when you click on it. There are also computer keyboard ___s. When you drive your car, you might take a ___ to get to your destination faster.
9. On a computer, you can click on ___s to see your personal ___ information.
11. ___ Features allow you to ___ize with other people on the Internet. You can make many friends if you are ___.
14. ___ is very popular on the Internet. People have ___ addresses, they send ___ to friends and others, and they read ___ messages from others.
15. Guess ___ has the coolest name of all? He does, because his name is Cool Dude.
16. A link on the Internet is often colored ___ and has a ___ underline.