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4. A writer writes a book. A ___ing company ___es the book so that people can buy it and read it.
6. Does an editor at a publishing company use a ___ pen or a blue pen to mark errors?
7. He ___d each error in the book with his red pen. He drew a red ring around each error.
8. Many people carry a pencil or a ___ with them to write things down.
10. A "typo" is another word for an ___ or a mistake in a book.
11. Before a ___ is published, an editor checks each page for errors. Have you read any good ___s lately?
13. A. How do you ___ "cat"? B. That's easy! C-A-T.
16. How could a book with ___ 200 pages have 215 typos?
17. Before she answered the question, she ___d for a moment to think about the question.
18. People ___ when they're unhappy, but they stop ___ing when they're happy.


1. Do you think that might be some ___ of world record? What ___ of books do you like to read?
2. They ___d him $70 for the book. He ___d the price to his credit card.
3. Spell ___ helps you ___ your writing to find misspelled words. You should always double-___ your writing for typos.
4. There were only 200 ___s in the book. He turned to ___ 150 and started reading.
5. He was the ___ person, but maybe not the last person, to complain.
6. There are many kinds of world ___s, but is there a world ___ for "Most Typos in a Book"?
9. ___ likes to pay good money for a bad book. Everybody likes to pay good money for a good book.
11. He couldn't ___ how many typos were in the book. Don't ___ everything you hear.
12. He couldn't ___ the book to the book store because he had written in it.
14. A. ___ many people returned the book? B. None. Not one person returned the book.
15. A "___" is a spelling mistake. Newspapers and books often have ___s.