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1. ___'s disease makes people forget many things. Older people often develop ___'s.
3. He felt guilty about being rude, so he called back to offer an ___ to the woman.
7. The charity ___ is trying to raise money to help fight Alzheimer's disease. Many volunteers work for the ___.
11. Did he tell her his ___ number was on the Do Not Call list?
12. He hung up the phone, but a little while ___ he felt guilty about being rude.
13. ___ did you get my phone number?
15. Did he ___ up on the old woman after she apologized to him on the phone?
16. The organization was trying to ___ money to find a cure for Alzheimer's.
17. He told her that he was on the Do Not ___ list. He told her not to ___ him at home again.


1. I want to ___ for being so rude. I wasn't polite, and I'm sorry.
2. "___" is another word for impolite. Nobody likes ___ people. Everybody likes nice, polite people.
3. The phone rang. He ___ed the phone.
4. Did the old ___ sound like his grandma?
5. He felt ___ because he had been rude to the old woman.
6. ___s are nice people who work for free--they don't get paid for their hard work.
8. How did you get my phone ___? Please don't call this ___ again.
9. The phone rang. The caller ___ed like an old woman.
10. Were they trying to raise ___ to find a cure for Alzheimer's?
12. She didn't know that he was on the Do Not Call ___. It's a long ___; millions of people are on it.
14. He ___ed the Alzheimer's number: 1-800-272-3900. (The website is
15. He ___ up the phone after he told the old woman not to call his number again.