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1. People ___ always do the right thing. They ___n't lie, cheat, or steal.
4. A ___ offer or price is one that won't change. You can't bargain for a higher offer or a lower price.
6. People and companies ___vertise in newspapers and online. They ___vertise on billboards, TV, and the radio. We see and hear ___s every day.
8. Did he have all the ___s to the garage door, such as the springs and bolts? Were any ___s missing?
9. He ___d the door closely to see if it was 100 percent okay. The door passed his examination.
11. Don't ___ yourself--you didn't make a mistake. Soccer players ___ the ball with their feet.
13. He ___ed to buy it for less than the seller's price. "I'll give you $400," he told the seller.
15. He was converting his garage to a family room. He didn't need his garage ___ anymore. He put it up for sale.
16. The caller asked if the garage door was in ___ condition or bad condition.
18. He ___ed the buyer's offer immediately. He wanted to sell the garage door quickly.
19. He ___d the man to come over to his house and look at the garage door he was selling.
20. The man was ___ing him to see if he was firm about his price. If you study, you will pass the ___.
21. If you own a house, you park your car in your ___. Many people have a 2-car ___.


1. The man was ___d. He didn't expect such a quick answer.
2. At the ___ store, everything costs a ___ or less.
3. His asking ___ for the garage door was $465.
5. He ___ly agreed to the buyer's offer of $400. The buyer was surprised that he agreed immediately.
7. He had already ___d to accept $400. He had already made that decision.
10. Was the garage door in good ___ or poor ___?
12. He ___ly agreed to accept the buyer's offer. The buyer was surprised that he agreed so fast.
14. He ___d that the buyer would offer a lower price. People have to ___ out how much they owe in taxes every year.
17. If you use your computer to go ___, you will find many garage doors for sale.