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1. ___ help you see something far away; a telescope helps you see something VERY far away; a microscope helps you see something very small.
5. A. ___. My name is Bob. B. ___. My name is Bill.
6. "Hello," he ___. "Hello," she ___.
8. Someone who wears two hats at the same time might be a ___. People might think he's a little strange.
9. A student ___s by listening to the teacher, studying, and doing his homework.
12. The refrigerator door wasn't ___ closed. It was open just a tiny bit.
14. Do you ___ dressed or undressed in the morning? Will you ever ___ married?
17. I'm not ready right ___, but I'll be ready in a minute.
18. Look out the ___ to see if it's sunny or cloudy.
19. Cars go up and down the ___ every day.
20. You have explained it three times, but I ___ don't get it. Please explain it one more time.


1. Some people have curtains on their windows; some people have ___s. Plastic ___s are lightweight and easy to open and close.
2. He heard a very ___ noise--it sounded like a car crash.
3. Can people ___ you if you don't close the blinds on your window?
4. ___ likes rude people; everybody likes nice people.
7. Are there 30,000 ___ buildings in New York City? Does a weirdo live in every one of those buildings?
10. He told her that his ___ was not "Hello." She called him "Hello" when she was upset about something.
11. She worried that the people ___ the street were watching her get dressed.
13. Were they ___ in an apartment building in NYC?
15. A rabbit is fast; a turtle is ___.
16. Don't get ___ed in front of a window; people can see you putting your clothes on.