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2. Are there ugly flowers? No, all flowers are ___. They are so pretty.
6. A ___ is like a forest, but a ___ is near the equator. A ___ is hot all year round. The Amazon ___.
7. Every___ was asking every___ else to take at least ___ picture.
9. Were people standing ___ to the beautiful flowers? Are you ___ in line? Who's ___?
11. The first two pictures were fuzzy--they were out of ___. They weren't sharp.
12. Thousands of ___ visit Macy's every year for its flower show.
13. A bear lives in a ___; a monkey lives in a jungle.
15. The third time's the ___. If you don't succeed the first two tries, the third try will succeed. A ___ing person is a very nice person.
19. ___s are people you don't know. Friends and acquaintances are people you do know.
21. The flowers are ___; wherever you look in Macy's, you see flowers.
22. Flowers look so good and ___ so good. Some flowers even TASTE good!


1. An ___ flower show is one that occurs every year. Everyone has a birthday ___ly.
3. ___ loves flowers; no one loves weeds.
4. Everyone was having a good ___ taking pictures of the beautiful flowers.
5. A rose is a popular ___.
8. If a picture is ___ of focus, it isn't a sharp picture. It's fuzzy.
10. A. Here's my camera. Will you ___ a picture of my wife and me? B. Sure. I'll be happy to ___ your picture.
12. Macy's was ___ed with people taking pictures. It was hard to walk around the store because there were so many people. A crowded elevator is ___ed with people.
14. The ___ time's the charm. Try a ___ time if you didn't succeed the first two times.
16. ___'s is "The World's Largest Department Store." It's at 34th St. and Broadway in New York City. (Actually, it's now the SECOND largest.)
17. The world's largest department ___ is in South Korea. Macy's is now the world's SECOND largest department ___.
18. People were ___ the store taking pictures of the flowers. But flowers were outside the store, too, and people were taking pictures there.
20. Macy's flower ___ occurs every year. People ___ up from all over the city and the world to enjoy the ___.