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1. You can buy hot ___s almost everywhere in New York City. Many people put mustard on their salty ___s. ___s are often look like a knot.
4. Pretzels and pea___s are popular salty snacks. Pea___ butter and jelly is a popular sandwich.
6. People drive cars on the streets; people walk on the ___s next to the streets.
7. An ___ will create ___ic works of art--for example, beautiful paintings and portraits.
8. Chicken, pork, and beef are kinds of ___. Most people like to eat ___ and fish.
9. The artist will ___ your portrait for just $20. He uses a pencil and ink.
11. The old lady wore so much ___ that everyone got off the elevator. They couldn't stand the strong smell of her ___.
13. There are four ___s at an intersection. In NYC, vendors are on many street ___s.
16. An Olympic medal is gold, ___, or bronze. Everyone wants the gold.
17. A big, sturdy ___ protects you from the strong wind and rain. Many people carry an ___ to protect them from the sun, also.
18. He opened his ___ and took out a $5 bill. Then he put his ___ back into his back pocket.


1. Did the artist draw your ___? How long did you sit there while he drew it?
2. Is New ___ City the greatest city in the world? Many people think so.
3. The sun was bright. He put on his hat and a pair of dark ___ to protect his eyes.
5. A ___ looks like a hot dog, but it is usually spicier than a hot dog. Many people like ___ and eggs for breakfast.
6. Meat on a ___ is very popular. The meat is stuck on the ___. You don't need a knife or fork. Just eat the meat right off the ___.
10. ___s are people who sell things on city streets. ___s sell food and many other items.
11. Many vendors sell ___--bananas, apples, and other fruits and vegetables.
12. A woman usually carries her wallet in her ___. Men don't carry ___s.
14. Vendors sell food from food carts. The carts have four ___s, so the vendors can roll the carts from street to street.
15. A vendor's food ___ contains food, ice, and charcoal for cooking.