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3. They sweep the ___ off the sidewalk and put it into the ___ cans.
4. The driver of the tricycle sits on the front seat, and the passengers sit in the ___ seat.
5. A pedicab is a big tricycle--it has 3 ___s.
6. Trash ___s come in all shapes and sizes, just like the trash that goes in them.
8. Double-___ buses take tourists all over New York City.
11. Security guards often wear blue shirts and black ___. Their shoes are black, too.
15. If you ___ a yellow cab, the driver will see you and pick you up.
16. All of the taxi cabs in NYC are the same color--bright ___.
17. ___ists like to take ___s of the city they are visiting. Double-decker buses are very popular with ___ists.
18. His shirt is ___ yellow, but his pants are dark blue. The sun shines ___ly in summertime.
20. If you don't buy a ___, you can't take the tour. If you don't buy a lottery ___, you can't win the lottery.
21. A ___ is a big tricycle. Passengers hop on and the driver pedals them all over the city.


1. ___ is everywhere in NYC, because there are many streets and sidewalks. But there are also many parks, where there is no ___--only grass and dirt.
2. Most New Yorkers are very ___ly; they are not mean or rude. They are polite and nice.
7. Hop into the rear ___, and the driver will pedal you around the city.
9. A bi___ rides a bicycle; a motor___ rides a motorcycle.
10. Does a ___ always have three wheels?
11. You ___ a tricycle to make it go forward. You press your foot on the gas ___ to make a car go forward.
12. Many pedicabs have an ___ over the rear seat to protect the passengers from sun and rain.
13. In the summertime, most people wear short-sleeve ___s in NYC.
14. On a rainy day, nobody sits on the top deck of a ___-decker bus.
19. You can ___ off the tour buses at any time, and then you can ___ back on after you've walked around or shopped a while.