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1. Was the engraving free, or did she have to pay ___ for it? Do smokers always carry ___ matches with them?
4. His girlfriend was ___d about moving to LA; she couldn't wait to see famous movie stars.
7. He wanted to ___ up with his girlfriend; he didn't want to date her anymore.
9. Was she excited about seeing Disneyland and ___wood in LA?
13. ___land is in Anaheim, CA; ___ World is in Orlando, FL. Both are named after Walt ___.
14. They were boyfriend and ___friend, but he wanted to break up with her.
16. She told him to turn the lighter over. She told him to look on the other ___ of the lighter.
17. She saw the look on his face. "What's the ___? Is there a problem?" she asked.
18. NYC is short for New York City. LA is short for Los ___.
19. He turned the lighter over and saw the engraving on the ___ side.
20. He broke up with his girlfriend. Then he moved to LA. He ___ saw her or spoke to her again.


1. She paid extra to have the lighter engraved. He looked at the ___. It said, "I love you."
2. Did she give him a brand ___ lighter for his birthday? Did she pay extra for the engraving?
3. Most people use matches or ___s to light their cigarettes.
5. Many cigarette lighters are cheap--only a dollar. Many are ___--$30 or more.
6. His ___ changed. He was smiling, but then he frowned.
8. He took the lid off the little ___. Inside the ___ was a brand new lighter.
10. He was going to start a new ___. He was going to start it in LA. He was going to start it without his girlfriend.
11. ___ smokers get mouth, throat, and lung cancer. They have ___ breath. Their clothes smell.
12. He told his girlfriend the ___--he wanted to break up. He didn't lie to her.
15. She saw his face ___ from happy to unhappy. She wondered what was the matter.
16. Did she ___ extra money to have the lighter engraved?
17. He was going to move to LA in the ___ of July.