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1. He needed to find a ___ to the problem.
3. The drugstore clerk asked the ___ person in line to step forward.
5. He had about 8 ___s cards in his wallet. Each store "___s" its customers for shopping at the store.
7. It was a ___ problem; it wasn't complex. He found a ___ solution.
8. The ___ in the drugstore asked if he had a Rewards card.
9. Is a Rewards ___ about one-fourth the size of a credit ___?
12. He folded the strip over on ___. Then he rewarded himself for being so smart.
13. He took his ___ out of his back pocket and dug through all the little Rewards cards in the ___.
14. Was he tired of ___ging through his wallet to find the right Rewards card?
15. He ___ed the strip of cards over on itself; it was like ___ing a piece of paper.
17. He went straight ___ after doing all his shopping.
18. What a ___ I am, he thought. I am so smart, he thought.
19. He lined the cards up. He Scotch-taped them together into one long ___ of cards.
20. The cards were loose and separate. He taped them all ___.


1. The Rewards cards are only one-fourth the ___ of credit cards.
2. Was ___ a simple solution to his problem? He hoped that ___ was.
4. Scotch ___ is very popular. Almost everyone has a roll of it on their desk at home or in the office.
6. ___s used to sell just drugs, but now they sell drugs, candy, cigarettes, and much more.
8. Most stores accept a ___ card or debit card to buy items.
10. He was tired of digging through his wallet. I never want to dig through my wallet ___, he thought.
11. There were eight ___ Rewards cards in his wallet. They weren't big.
15. After a couple of minutes, he finally ___ the card he was looking for.
16. Is a Rewards card about one-___ the size of a credit card?
18. He left a small ___ between each Rewards card, so he could fold the strip over on itself. Some people have a ___ between their two front teeth.