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1. Did the man want to ___? Was he angry enough to start a ___?
5. Most drugs have side ___s. Some side ___s include drowsiness and dry mouth.
8. Schizophrenia is a mental ___. People can be in good physical ___ but still have schizophrenia.
10. They don't know what causes schizophrenia, so they can't ___ it.
11. Many schizophrenics like to smoke ___s.
12. Most of the time the voices ___ to him--they don't tell him the truth.
14. About one ___ of people are schizophrenic; that equals about 3 million people in the U.S.
16. If you're schizophrenic, you hear ___s in your head talking to you.
17. Doctors can prescribe ___s to help a schizophrenic, but ___s have side effects.
18. The cause of schizophrenia is un___; some doctors think a virus might cause it, but no one knows for sure.
19. It's no fun to have voices in your ___ talking to you, especially when you can't shut them up.
20. Nobody knows what ___s schizophrenia. Like cancer, its ___ is not known.
21. The voices in his head talk to him ___ly. They hardly ever shut up.


2. Schizophrenia usually starts when a person is a ___ager--about 15 to 19.
3. A. When does schizophrenia usually ___? B. It usually ___s in a person's teen years.
4. Schizophrenia is a ___ condition, not a physical condition.
6. A person who is ___ is a person who has schizophrenia.
7. Do all drugs have ___ effects?
9. ___ is a mental condition. Victims hear voices. It affects about one percent of people worldwide.
13. Did he decide to fight the man, or did he ___ the coffee shop and go home?
15. Was a man sitting at a ___ next to him in the coffee shop?