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2. The park is large, but the lake is ___. It is more like a pond.
4. Were they walking in the ___ end of the park, or the south end?
6. The ___ of the dog wasn't watching the dog at all. He was enjoying a sandwich.
7. A pit bull can be friendly one second, but then ___ on you and attack you the next second.
8. Was the owner of the dog ___ing his sandwich? Was he licking his lips?
9. Many ___ermen were ___ing for ___ in the small lake.
11. Was it a ham and cheese ___ or a peanut butter and jelly ___?
15. Central ___ is a huge, beautiful park in the middle of Manhattan.
16. Were people fishing in the small ___? Were they catching any fish?
17. The dog was running loose. It wasn't leashed to a metal ___ near the footpath.
19. When people hear "___ Park," they think of New York City.
20. Pit ___s are dangerous dogs. They can be loving you one minute and attacking you the next minute.


1. It was a ___ day. Most people were wearing shorts. Many men weren't wearing shirts.
2. When it's hot outside, people like to wear flip-flops, ___, and T-shirts.
3. Was the dog running ___, or was it leashed to a railing?
5. The dog can turn on you in a ___--so quickly that you don't have time to protect yourself.
10. ___ bulls come in many colors and sizes, but they're all dangerous dogs.
12. Was it a hot ___ in the park? Was it about 2 p.m.?
13. They walked ___ly past the pit bull. He didn't want the dog to notice them.
14. He couldn't ___ that the dog was running loose. How dangerous that was!
16. Dogs in Central Park are supposed to be on a ___. They cannot run wild.
18. He ___bed her hand and held it as they walked past the dog.