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2. Do cats and ___s get along? Is a pit bull a cat or a ___?
4. Should they ___ all pit bulls into the ocean?
6. The employees worked in a wooden ___ near the lake.
7. The angry father ___ed at the dog, and then the owner ___ed at the dog.
8. He picked up his little girl and held her in his ___s.
9. The little girl ___ed when the dog attacked her. Then she started bawling.
12. They went inside the building; a while later, they walked back ___.
14. He was angry, but he didn't say ___ to the owner of the dog. He said nothing to the owner.
17. The little girl's ___ picked her up and held her in his arms.
18. The dog wasn't on a ___. It was running loose. It attacked the little girl.
19. The park ___ worked in the building. The ___ didn't call the park police.
20. How many people work in Central ___ in NYC?


1. The little girl was ___ing loudly. The dog had attacked her. She didn't stop crying.
3. The dog's ___ yelled at the dog and put it on a leash.
5. Look out for pit bulls on land; look out for sharks in the ___.
6. The little girl was lying on a ___ on the grass. The dog tried to pull her off her ___.
10. When they heard the scream, they ___ed around to see what was the matter.
11. The dog had her foot in its mouth. The dog was trying to ___ the little girl off the blanket.
13. Nobody called the park ___, so the park ___ didn't arrest the owner of the dog.
15. Was the little ___ lying on a blanket on the grass? Was her father nearby?
16. Why did the dog ___ the little girl? Did she yell at the dog or kick it? No, she didn't do anything.
17. The dog grabbed the little girl by her ___. Her shoe was in its mouth.