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1. A ladies' ___ is a gentle___ that the ladies like a lot.
6. In summertime, do more people travel in June, July, or ___?
7. Tourists like to ___ all the tourist spots when they ___ a city or country. Tourists are ___ors.
8. Was the husband ___ing on his wife? Did he have a secret girlfriend?
10. She wants to be sick in her own ___; she doesn't want to get sick away from home.
11. Their trip was for two ___s--the first two ___s of July.
12. Dad didn't ___ traveling alone; it didn't bother him at all.
14. He was planning to take a ___ to Ireland; he had never visited that country.
16. Many tourists ___ when the weather is warm. They usually ___ by plane, boat, or car.
17. Something she ate or drank made her ___. She was in bed for a week.
19. Their ___ to South America was nice. They slept while the plane flew there.
21. If he can cheat at his age, he ___s in the record books. What age group does he ___ to?
22. He traveled to Ireland every year for 50 years. That must be some kind of ___. It belongs in the ___ books.


2. He traveled by himself, but that was okay with him. He didn't mind traveling ___.
3. All women love a ___' man. He is charming and makes ___ feel special.
4. I'll never travel ___. I don't want to be sick in a foreign country ___. From now on, I'm staying home.
5. The two ___s, Bob and Bill, were talking about their father.
9. I'll never ___ home again. The plane doesn't ___ until 11:30.
13. A. Did you hear the ___? B. No. What ___s? A. Dad is going to visit Ireland. B. Good for him!
14. He went online and bought a ___ for his flight to Ireland.
15. ___ is a beautiful country. It's an island near Britain. Irish people are very friendly.
18. He was on the ___ again. = He was going to travel again.
20. She had ___ten sick on their last trip. She didn't want to get sick again.