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2. He said he was just ___. He didn't mean it. He was making a joke.
5. People have ___ all over their bodies. Men shave the ___ off their faces, and women shave the ___ off their legs.
7. A man's ___ often recedes as he gets older. His forehead seems to get bigger.
11. She asked if he doubted her. "Of ___ not," he replied. "I would never doubt you."
12. He looked for ___ hair, but all he could find was old hair.
13. A. Are you ___? B. Yes, I'm certain.
15. I have my ___s. I ___ that what you say is right. I think you might be wrong.
16. If you ___ all the hair on your head, you will be bald.
17. We cannot ___ with chemotherapy because it makes her too sick. We have to stop the chemotherapy.
18. An eye ___ examines a person's eyes for problems. Did he make an appointment with the eye ___?
19. She thought she was growing new hair on her ___s. "I might have to shave my ___s," she said.
20. A cancer victim gets ___ to treat his cancer. The ___ makes many victims feel very sick.


1. Does a cancer ___ get chemotherapy? Does chemotherapy make many ___s very sick?
3. ___ is called "The Big C." There is no cure for ___. Smokers get lung ___.
4. She said the hair on his ___ was growing back a little.
6. Did he make an ___ with an eye doctor?
8. A man's hairline often ___s as he gets older. Eventually he might go bald.
9. Sometimes you can't believe your ___s or your ears.
10. I think your hair is ___ing back. It's not falling out anymore.
14. She said he had more hair now than before. That was a ___ to him. "I didn't know that," he said.
16. I think a see a ___ more hair--not a lot, but a ___.