33. Iced Coffee

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The old man drove to Burger-Burger. He was 82 years old. It was late at night. It was 11:30 p.m. He was hungry. He wanted something to eat. He went to the drive-through. He ordered a Double Double Burger-Burger. He ordered large fries. He ordered a large coffee. He drove his car forward. He gave the clerk $6. He waited. She gave him his Double Double Burger-Burger. It smelled good. He couldn't wait to eat it. She gave him his large fries. They smelled good. He couldn't wait to eat them. She gave him his large cup of coffee. He couldn't wait to drink it. But the top wasn't on tight. The hot coffee spilled. It spilled into his lap. "Ouch!" he yelled. "Give me some ice!" She gave him a large cup of ice. He poured it into his lap. "Ah," he said, "that feels better."

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