36. A Barking Dog

36. A Barking Dog

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The lady's dog barked too much. It barked in the morning. It barked in the afternoon. It barked at night. Every time Kevin walked past the front door, the dog barked. Every time Kevin walked past the back door, the dog barked. Every time anybody walked past, the dog barked. He told the landlord. "That lady's dog barks too much," he said. The landlord said he would talk to the lady. But he never did. Kevin wanted to shut the dog up. It was a little dog. But it had a big mouth. The dog's mouth was bigger than the dog. What could Kevin do? One day he yelled at the dog. He yelled, "Shut up, you stupid dog!" The dog barked at Kevin. The lady got angry. She yelled at Kevin. "Sugar is not stupid. Don't call Sugar stupid," she said. "He's a lot smarter than you are."

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