86. A Lucky Day


Today was her lucky day. She was late for the bus. But the bus was late, too. So she didn't miss her bus. She was late for work. But her boss was late, too. So her boss didn't know that she was late. She didn't have any cash for lunch. But her friend had a two-for-one lunch coupon. So she got a free lunch. Her boss was feeling a little sick. He told everyone to take the afternoon off. She went to the park. A green piece of paper was under the park bench. She picked it up. It was a $5 bill. She looked around. Where did the money come from? There was no one around. She was the only one in the park. There were some birds and squirrels in the park. But this was not their money. This was her money. It was her lucky money. She went across the street to the liquor store. The lottery jackpot was worth $10 million. She bought five lottery tickets. She knew that one of them would be lucky. This was her lucky day.

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