156. The Super Cheap Jacket (2)


He asked for a price check. The shirt was $4, not $2. He told the cashier he didn't want it. The jacket was only $2, not $4. He couldn't believe it. He held up the jacket. He looked at it carefully. No stains, no rips, no holes. Only $2? What a deal! The cashier grabbed a plastic bag. He told her no bag. He pulled the jacket on over his head. He walked outside. The jacket was perfect for the weather. He was warm. He started walking. He looked at his reflection in a window. The jacket fit well. What a deal! A while later the temperature rose. He was getting warm. I'll just unzip my jacket, he thought. He pulled down on the jacket zipper. The zipper didn't move. He tried again to unzip the jacket. The zipper didn't move. He pulled really hard. The zipper didn't move.

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