167. Gaining Weight


She grunted. She was pulling up her slacks. She had bought them a year ago. She tried to button the top button. She couldn't get it close to the button hole. "Look at this," she told her husband. "Are those the slacks that I shrunk?" he asked. She said no. These were different slacks. They weren't the ones he had shrunk. They had fit a year ago. He told her to try dieting. He told her to eat 10 percent less. "A diet doesn't have to hurt," he said. He said to use a smaller bowl for her rice. "Rice is full of empty calories," he said. He told her to eat less fruit. "Eat all the vegetables and meat you like," he said. "You'll lose your extra weight." "Will you still love me if I get fat?" she asked. "Of course," he said. "There will be more to love."

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