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1. It's sunny right now, but it's going to ___ later. You'll need your umbrella.
5. You should eat fresh ___ and vegetables every day.
6. A ___ has lots of trees and animals. It is hot and rains a lot in a ___.
8. A monkey can ___ up a tree; a dog cannot.
11. ___s crawl on the ground; they have no legs. Many people are afraid of ___s.
12. ___s fly through the air; they live in trees. They have beaks.


2. Monkeys, snakes, birds, and ants are ___s. They are not plants.
3. Monkeys can ___ from one tree to another tree.
4. There are many ___s in the jungle. Many animals live in the ___s.
7. A ___ has four legs, a tail, and a long tongue. It is a reptile, like a snake.
9. A ___ has a long tail. It can hang by its tail in trees in the jungle.
10. An ___ is a small insect. It lives with thousands of other ___s under the ground.