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5. Would she ___ on a beautiful float? Can you ___ a horse?
6. The famous ___ Parade in Pasadena is on New Year's Day every year.
8. She was ___d to be the new queen. It was exciting for her.
10. People stand on the ___ to watch the parade. The parade is in the street.
12. Did she win the Rose Queen ___? Was she the winner?


1. Everyone loves to watch a ___, especially a ___ with beautiful floats.
2. The Rose ___ is a girl from a high school. She won the contest. There is no Rose King.
3. Each float has thousands of beautiful ___s. Many of the ___s are roses.
4. All the floats are ___. They are so pretty!
7. ___s of people watch the Rose Parade every year on TV.
9. There are about 50 ___s in the Rose Parade each year. They are beautiful. They are covered with flowers.
11. The night before New Year's Day is called New Year's ___.