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1. A ___ is a big space outside a city. The city sends all its trash to a ___.
3. ...ninety-eight, ninety-nine, one ___, one ___ and one...
5. A ___ works for free. Millions of wonderful ___s work for free all over the world.
6. Pick up the bag of trash and ___ it to the truck.
8. ___ ends up in a landfill.
9. All the bags are ___ now. But in a while they will be full of trash.
10. We ___ up the beach every year, but then it gets dirty the next year.


1. Will people ___ trash on the beach if no one picks it up? Please ___ me alone.
2. We waited and waited for the bus. ___, it arrived--30 minutes late!
4. People don't like to go swimming at a dirty ___ next to the ocean.
6. Trash will ___ this beach if we don't pick it up every year. Do you sleep under the ___s at night?
7. Do they put all the trash bags into the ___s? Do the ___s take the trash bags to the landfill?