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1. Many apartments in New York City have ___ floors. There is no carpeting.
4. The living room was ___ from all the burning paper. They could see and smell the smoke.
5. Was the metal ___ round and shiny? Was it a ___ or a pot?
8. Your grandmothers' and grandfathers' parents are your ___s.
9. They waited for the hot pan to ___ down. Then they could pick it up with their hands.
10. The metal pan was ___; it wasn't heavy.


2. She ___ped the burning money into the pan.
3. She set the money on fire. She ___ed the money for her ancestors.
4. The metal pan was ___. She could see her reflection in it.
5. The round pan was ___ for burning paper money. It was the best.
6. After the paper burned in the pan, they waited for the ___es to cool.
7. The pan was perfect. It was round and made of a shiny ___.