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1. A real ___ agent will help you buy or sell a house.
5. Will a real estate ___ help you find an apartment?
6. She didn't want extra ___ in her purse; it was already too heavy.
8. I have to ___. I can't wait any longer. Is there a bathroom in this building?
9. It takes only a couple of minutes to walk one ___ in New York City. A new ___ starts at each intersection.
11. The apartment is on the fourth floor. You have to walk up four ___s of stairs.


1. Food gives you ___ so you can work and play. If you have no ___, you feel tired.
2. Put the ___ onto the toothbrush. Then brush your teeth.
3. I don't ___ drink, because then I will have to pee! And clean bathrooms are hard to find.
4. She carried her ___ on her shoulder. The ___ was heavy. There was no extra room in it for even a toothbrush.
7. All the walking made her very ___. She wanted to drink some water.
10. He ___ed her purse with his hands. It was heavy. He put it back down.