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1. After working at the same job for 50 years, he ___ retired.
5. MegaMillions and PowerBall are two ___ games. Spend a dollar and hope you get lucky!
8. He didn't like his job or his boss. So he ___ his job. He went looking for a new job.
9. The store was across the ___. He waited for the light to change. Then he crossed the street.
10. A ___ man doesn't need to play the lottery. A poor man needs to win the lottery.
11. I live near you. I live in the building ___ the street from your building.
12. I can't ___ this apartment; the rent is too high for me.


2. Are pets ___ed in this building? Do they ___ people to smoke in this building?
3. This is a nice ___. All my neighbors are friendly. There are many nice ___s in New York City.
4. I ride an ___ bicycle. There is nothing special about my bicycle.
6. He bought a lottery ___. He hoped it would be a winner.
7. Do you have any brothers or ___s?