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2. He ___ed a DVD movie for a dollar. He had to return it the next day.
3. Many people like to eat candy or ___ at the movies.
4. You never take me ___. Why can't you take me somewhere sometimes? All we do is sit at home night after night.
6. What is your ___ about guns? What do you think about them?
7. A ___ person is an intelligent person. You should listen to a ___ person's opinions.
9. People go to a night ___ to dance, drink, and have fun.
10. The ___ is married to the queen.


1. Are you an ___ person or a boring person?
2. I am ___ tired. I worked very hard all day.
3. She is un___. Nobody can predict what she is going to do or say.
5. I had ___ at the night club last night. Let's go there again!
8. Thank you so ___ for your help.