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1. If you ___ the hamburger, it will be black and dry. Be careful when you are cooking it!
5. She ___ped up the vegetables for the salad.
6. Is someone ___ing on the door?
7. The pot was on the ___. There was nothing in the oven.
9. She ___red the noodles so they wouldn't stick together.
10. Do you boil water in a ___ or a pan?
11. Stop ___ing me; I'm trying to cook dinner. I can't cook when you ___ me.


2. ___ are a kind of pasta. Macaroni and spaghetti are other kinds of pasta.
3. Do you show ___ by hugging your wife?
4. I ate a big ___ because I didn't have any lunch.
8. ___s are white, yellow, red, or green vegetables. They make you cry when you peel them or chop them.
12. Family and friends like to ___ each other when they meet. That is how they show affection.