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1. Is it a ___ to steal something? Can you go to jail for stealing?
6. He plans to marry his ___. They are engaged to be married.
7. A computer ___ knows how to get into computer systems.
10. Do you have a bank ___? Is it a checking ___ or a savings ___?
11. Some people ___ at games. They don't play fair. Don't be a liar or a ___er.
12. She was the ___ of a crime. A man stole her purse. She called the police immediately.


2. There is no ___ at the crime scene. There are no fingerprints. The police cannot arrest anybody.
3. A thief can ___ your pocket. He will steal your wallet right out of your pants pocket or your coat pocket.
4. A ___ works in the police department. He usually wears a suit. He tries to solve crimes.
5. Did he ___ money from the victims' bank accounts to his bank account?
8. The police can't ___ the money. There is no trail and no evidence.
9. A pick___ is a thief who steals your wallet out of your ___. Your pants have four ___s.