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1. On a rainy day, the ground and streets will be soaking ___. Nothing outside will be dry.
3. If someone cheats, that's not ___ to everyone else. It's not right.
4. ___ is a popular construction material. It hardens and becomes permanent. Fresh ___ is still wet.
5. All my ___s in my ___hood are upset.
7. Some street ___s say "Stop." Some say "Yield." Some say "No Parking."
10. Can you ___ to 100 in English?
11. Parking ___ writes tickets if you park illegally. They enforce the parking rules.


2. Did you ever get a parking ___ or a speeding ___? Did you ever have a winning lottery ___?
3. Look! The cement is ___! It's still wet. They just poured it a while ago.
6. Do the ___ thing. If you do the wrong thing, you'll be sorry.
8. I was going to ___ my car to the other side of the street, but it was too late.
9. They attach the sign to a wooden or metal ___. The ___ is like a big stick.