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3. If you charge a few ___s less, people might buy your product.
5. Your English will ___ if you practice every day.
7. How much did they ___ you for changing the oil in your car?
10. Please ___ up! The train will arrive in a few minutes. I don't want to miss the train.
11. Many people speak two languages--their native language and ___.


1. How can you pay your bills if you don't have a good ___?
2. I have a checking account but no ___ account. (I spend every dollar I make.)
4. Looking for something online? You can find just about anything on ___list.
6. Find a job before you ___ out of all the money in your ___ account.
7. A. Are you looking for a good job? B. Of ___ I am! Isn't everybody?
8. Finding a good job is ___. It's not easy at all.
9. New ___ City is the greatest city in the world!