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4. The Pacific ___ is between Asia and America.
5. ___ Street is usually the biggest and most important street in a town.
6. My house is by the ___. The ___ is like the oceanside.
9. My grandpa used to sit on the front ___ of his house and talk to people who walked by.
10. The ___ of the old house sags in the middle. But the ___ doesn't leak when it rains.
11. The ___ of the old house at the seaside is pretty. Maybe the painter copied it from a photo.


1. The old boat has a ___ hull, not a metal one like new boats.
2. The ___s at the ocean come to shore every few seconds. Sometimes they are big ___s, and sometimes small ___s.
3. Most beaches are ___y, but some are rocky.
6. The old roof ___s in the middle. It isn't as straight as it used to be.
7. Wooden posts ___ the front porch. Baseball fans ___ their favorite team and players.
8. There are small ___s growing around the house. They grow in the sand. They're like weeds.